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Successful in stopping a large incineration plant in 2010. Derbyshire County Councillors voted 9 to 1 against the proposal on grounds of health economic/environmental effects and road safety

Chesterfield Against Incineration

Fighting the introduction of Incineration technology in the Sheffield area.

South Yorkshire Against Incineration

Stopped a major incinerator in Derby at council level and won a subsequent appeal. Proposals are now being reconsidered by the HM Inspectorate with SSAIN still a major contributor.

Spondon Sinfin and All Against incineration

National Anti-Incineration pressure group.

Excellent information and scientific research alongside legal advice and shared expertise

UK Without Incineration

Global Anti-Incineration campaign

Sturdy Scientific research alongside graphic representation of the corruption and bias of the worldwide incineration industry.

Global Alliance Against Incineration

National environmental group with independent information on the dangers of incinerators

Without FOE we would not of even known about the Pye Bridge Site!

Friends of the Earth

Details of both local Derbyshire-based campaigns and National Anti-incineration groups can be found below.

These groups have offered advice, guidance and inspiration for our campaign.

Some groups have been successful in stopping Incineration Plants in their communities such as Chesterfield Against Incineration. Other campaigns are still fighting proposals right up to the Judicial Review stage.

We thank other groups for their help in the campaign.

AVAIN is working with other Anti-incineration Groups

Key Alternatives to Incineration:

Local and National groups are fighting hard to encourage healthy alternatives.

Local Groups

National Groups

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